Thursday, October 04, 2012


Annette Marie Hyder curated a project, "Facing Feminism: Feminists I Know." Participants were asked to send in photo and text to create "photoems" to explore the theme. Well, Annette just received a grant (yay!) to spread the word and do an exhibition, for which she is using Facebook to spread the word by posting a photoem daily over the next couple of weeks. You can see that brilliant and loving project HERE.  Please "Like it," as they apparently say ...

And, specifically, Moi am HERE! preening with my Achilles when he was still a puppy! Actually, I love this baby photo of Achilles so I'm going to repost below, but please do go visit the TOTAL PROJECT to see these wonderful Feminists!

German Shepherds are feminists, too! Just check out Arlene Ang's photoem!

[P.S.  I'm not really active on Facebook.  There's an "Eileen R. Tabios" page but Facebook created that for me because I'm famous (haha) and undoubtedly to ramp up its "user" statistic prior to its (flawed-haha) initial public offering.  Anyway, I don't use Facebook much but people do occasionally find their way onto my page and leave me messages, and I'm grateful for that ...]

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