Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Although I am excited about my book-length haybun-in-progress (excerpts HERE and HERE), I haven't done much work on it in months. Then, this morning, for some reason, I thought to return to it. I looked up the file, did some formatting, printed out the draft so far, then wrote a new poem. Then I went to check the mail.

Guess what arrived in the mail!

Yep, my copies of the relational elations of ORPHANED ALGEBRA arrived!

The poetry muses don't want me to breathe; rather, they wish me to save my breath for the poems. I can barely eke out the minute (well, I stubbornly eked out five actually) to savor my new book. I'm now in-to the next one. Sheesh. Nothing like being fruitful and multiplying. (As I understand children are now reading my blog, I won't post the joke that just came to mind about condoms and poetry-writing...) To wit:

Yep, 147 MILLION ORPHANS -- I'm bookin' and moi gaze is on you!

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