Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dredging for Atlantis is one of my favorites among my books because it contains my "scumbled" poems. So why am I reminding you of my 2006 book (which was so lovingly published by Otoliths--thank you Mark Young!)? Well, because for some reason I just got in today's mail some hard-copies of a review done of it in 2009 by "America's oldest literary magazine" North American Review! I can't recall, but it's possible I hadn't seen this mini-review previously ...

Anyway, you can see the review by clicking on this excerpt below whose pinoy-punning I adore:
An intelligent collection that definitely pomo's the pomo.

More reviews are referenced HERE. If you want to know what those critics are talking about, it's not too late to get your copy (least expensive copies available HERE). And have I mentioned it offers my baby photo? I was big-eyed even back then....

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