Tuesday, March 20, 2012


You know, I'm trying my best here with baseball, excuseMoi, JV baseball. But right now, all I can think of is -- BUT SUSAN-OF-GAME-SIXES, IS THIS WHY MOI SON IS TAKING ON THE DISGUSTING HABIT OF SPITTING ALL OVER THE PLACE! What kind of sports is this! This ain't, Moi hopes, a precursor to my son chewing then spitting tobacco! Anyway, let the local paper do the wrap-up on Michael's team -- he's in the last paragraph of the article; I know it's the last paragraph but, after all, he's been playing the sport for, what, four weeks...?

Anyway, there's a lot of drama in the game. I don't know why I didn't expect that -- this afternoon, I actually was all tense then shouting (in moi delicate way) at the sidelines...! Here's another photo at the end of tonight's game when the Coach (who's the local dentist -- love small towns!) gave his wrap-up to the team:

Yes, indeed. If you want sports coverage, you come on over to this here Chatty Blog ... Not!

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