Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Got a Kindle for the holidays. Whenever the hubby gets me an electronic gizmo, I toss 'em right back at him. I'm a cave wall and charcoal type of gal. But this gizmo, I chose to keep.

First e-books purchased? Homer's The Odyssey and Iliad.

First book read? A People's History of the Great Depression by Arthur Delaney.

What I will not order or read? The "recommended" books on my page ever since my teen son -- who uses my email addy for his Kindle account -- inadvertently bought one of the books he was scrolling across to surf. Said books all have in common front covers of big-boobed women. As my revenge for his disruption of my e-avatar, I wrote a poem about him and his book-cover porn surfing (it'll be published soon; details to come. hah!)

But, speaking of which, when one scrolls over the books available on Kindle, why are there so many X-rated books on its list of free books? That's right. Much of this porn are self-published and free! The narcissism not only undoubtedly mauls the prose but ... for free? Oh, wait. Maybe it'd be the pitch-ures that count, silly naive Moi!

Ah, ye Kindle-world. A new one for behind-the-times Moi to investigate. Now, if I can only stop confusing the "Back" button with "Delete"... And ye Big-Boobed Women? Get the (_(*&)(* outta moi way!

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