Wednesday, November 09, 2011


A particular book, anyway, that just came to my attention: EILEEN TABIOS.

After being weirded out by the book's existence, which was mostly "written" by compiling free material about me on the internet, I then took stock of how technology is such that -- but of course! -- aggregators can now deliver results in print book form rather than as websites. Vanity Fair and The New Yorker (among others) come to mind, too, for creating books by simply reprinting in anthology form articles they've already published and gathered under a certain theme.

By the way, I used to seed the internet with false information about moiself. Doesn't that mean this book is not EILEEN TABIOS but AVATAR EILEEN TABIOS? Heh: it wouldn't surprise me if the editor's name is also faux.

Anyway, I looked up the website of the publisher Culp Press and I'm thinking that they need to get together with interior decorators who at times are asked to put books on empty bookshelves for house residents who don't actually read enough to pick out books for themselves. What kind of editorial standard -- besides money -- exists if your "List" is over a million books, comprised mostly of aggregated material?


Now, being human, I almost ordered a copy to see how the book formatted/organized its material. But it's $41 and while its existence wouldn't exist without Moi, said Moi ain't getting a single royalty penny. Is that fair?

But, actually, if everyone was a narcissist and ordered one copy of a book entitled by their name, that's hugely profitable, isn't it? A million times $41 is $41 million!

Or if even just half the authors purchased one copy, it'd be $20.5 million!

Wow. The implications continue to boggle the mind!

Yawn. The book ain't dead if it still makes money based on one sale per book. You just gotta figure out the market. Sadly, it ain't Poetry!

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