Monday, February 21, 2011


IN the latest review of SILK EGG! Here's an excerpt, with said "portrayal of moi," by Joey Madia in New Mystics Review:
...Jorge Luis Borges’s “Library of Babel” (which also inspired Umberto Ecco’s Name of the Rose), a geometric wonder of a library wherein is contained all the possible combinations of words for every book ever written, or yet to be. Picturing this wondrous place one cannot help but to also imagine the weathered librarians, hunch-backed monks, rebellious demons, be-spectacled book collectors, and half-mad writers searching for new inspirations in its leaf-laden passages…

It is here, in this chamber, this mansion of the mind, that one best sits while reading SILK EGG, peering through the windows of hotels and apartments, restaurants and lighthouses, vineyards and wine cellars in places ‘round the world, with their self-isolated population of affluent and emotionally detached men and women reaching across chasms of hurt and apathy to try and connect with one another. Their places of cold confrontation and passive habitation are dressed in silk and pewter, rose and diamond, jade and moss, snakeskin and ruby, linen and leather, tulip and truffle, and opium and orchid.

They try and fail, and try again, their short-armed gestures and hollow words falling between the spaces, back into the library, where they reconstitute in new forms and better possibilities as we grab and grasp and turn them to our use.

Yes dears -- Moi is really just a weathered librarian, hunch-backed nun, rebellious demon (Hi Fallen Angels playing poker in the upper left-corner of each room in which I step!), bespectacled book-collector and half-mad writer! I wonder if "hunch-back" might have been a typo for "humpback" but I actually like the concept of being bowed by hunches! (Quasimodo--I never considered you ugly!)

And if you're intrigued by SILK EGG's review, hey it's also available for TRADE HERE!

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