Sunday, February 06, 2011


First, Jean continues her engagement with SILK EGG! And I like how her second post about moi eggs concludes -- I think the making of art can "stave off anonymity or death." Not necessarily the resulting art (or poem) itself, mind you. But the process of its making. I think all artists know this -- in that space of making, there's not even such a thing as sanity vs insanity. Anyhoo, thanks for the yum yums, Jean.

Second, we celebrated Mom's 81st Birthday! With a book! Yay!

Third, the comments over MOI DESK evolved all Daniel Spoerri-like. Why, I even got an offer for which billionaires would release their billions! Whereas all Moi needed to sing forth, and I did, was the "humble hi-hello-hi-hi"! Here's THE DESK, btw, that has much potential, it seems, to get me into much mischief. But that would make sense -- here's where many poems are born!

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