Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I had to take one of THESE recently -- nearly 600 questions. An acquaintance who took it summarized the experience as, "No matter how many ways and times they asked the question, I kept answering I had zero interest in killing myself."

Anyway, during the near-600-question-survey, they'd intersperse questions about your state of mind with what are clearly benign questions. So it made for an interesting flow, like (in so many words)

--do you like mechanical equipment magazines?, followed by
--are people at your job out to undercut you?, followed by
--if you were a journalist, would you cover sports?, followed by
--do you ever hear strange voices coming out of air?...followed by
--if you were a painter, would you paint flowers? followed by
--do you ever have the urge to slice up your body? et al

What threw me was how one of the so-called benign questions was

--do you like poetry?

I think that was right before the question that asked if I see "visions" and I replied, "Yes". See? I got tripped up! It's one thing to see visions and another to freely spout such off...! Ah well, c'est la vie. Off now to paint lilies in baseball uniforms...reading the Tractor Gazette...