Monday, January 31, 2011


Tee-hee. If SILK EGG is partly about contexts, I'm quite appreciative of poet-and-food-critic Jean's reading that contextualizes the novels gustatorily. So to speak. And eat. She's providing a feast for the eyes, too! Here's an excerpt:
When I read the word marrow” in Chapter III–I’m sorry, but I think of soup. And not noodle soup, either, but nilaga, a rich broth made with beef bones, and vegetables (carrots, potatoes, cabbage) cut in very large pieces. After all, soup proceeds from “biology.”

            Once, there was biology.

            It produced a mother whose absence was a singe.

            It sang.

            It replaced marrow--a song camouflaged by inevitably aging bone.

“The evenings are always pleasingly raw” (Chapter IV) makes me flare my nostrils testing the freshness of flesh.

Thanks Jean! Looking forward to the rest of the meal!

Such, of course, is criticism at it's best -- it's not about what's good vs bad. It's about what's yummy!

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