Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was a laughingstock again at the bank. Yesterday, I went in there to deposit some, ahem, revenues for Meritage Press. Two checks, totalling $20. Yay!

Okay, I know it ain't high finance. But did that bank teller really have to bust out giggling? (It's a small town -- they know Moi.)

Anyway, it's always a challenge to actually sell poetry books. Much of these copies (outside of the textbook-enforced assigned market) circulate in other ways, like through poetry trades. To wit, I sent this missive out recently to a couple of Listserves; I am happy to also offer it to you, moi 9 billion peeps:
Dear All,

In my house recently, books seemed to have become like an alien invasion, starting to cover every inch of the house. So I did some pre-Spring Cleaning and moved a ton of books from floor to bookshelves. In doing so, I came across multiple copies of the same title as my past messiness must have made me forgot what books I'd already owned or where I'd put them (e.g., it seems like I bought Van Gogh's Letters a dozen times...).

For poetry books, I decided to offer my spare copies for trade for other poetry books. (I also thought the poets who wrote these books might favor me trying to further circulate my spare copies for possibly more readers.) I list those poetry books at my "Community Bookshelf" here at (under the "why not?" category, I tossed in some books I publish viz Meritage Press as well as some of my own). If you'd like to trade a poetry book (including your own) for any of those books, contact me and we'll set it up.

If you have a spare copy of a poetry book to trade, check my list of owned poetry books first to see if I already have it. My Poetry Library is listed here at

P.s., in most cases I only have one spare copy -- so first come, first served.

I suggest reading poems daily, Peeps. They're better than apples!

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