Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am so grateful to Tony Frazer and Shearsman Books -- I worked with Tony over the weekend on moi forthcoming "Collected Novels," SILK EGG. Here is Tony's designed brand-spankin' new front cover!

An earlier draft of the cover had used a greenish background, logically picking up off some of the dark green within the cover image, a drawing by New York-based artist Maureen McQuillan. But I like this "sky blue" -- I had envisioned the "silk egg" in the drawing to be like the sun. The result is more unexpected, I think, and also more befitting of the stories' sensibility: a cool-ly Scandinavian clarity that I personally find cheerful. (As I've said elsewhere, color is a narrative...)

Anyway, thank you Tony and Shearsman! SILK EGG comes out in January and I hope you Peeps check it out! Perhaps you might be curious about what blurber Barry Schwabsky was talking about when he described himself, in reading through the books, as "becoming more perceptive, fantastical, mordant, impassioned, and artful"! Perhaps you won't mind if that silk egg's cobwebby strands end up entangling you in its ... affairs... Perhaps you'll think Moi finally melted into letters ... Perhaps x-y=x ...! Perhaps perhaps ....

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