Monday, August 23, 2010


You go through a To-Do List to go away.

You return to a new To-Do List, urgent because you went away.

Can not the cycle of Life be more than this?

I'm back. Sigh. And here's my latest To-Do (Literary) List, which I blog as blogging such lists seem to make me able to go through them quicker:
Review and collate Mom's manuscript -- working title: LOCAL COLORS -- for preparation for third-party copy editor.

Mail out THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU PROJECT anthologies.

Mail out review copies for Galatea Resurrects.

Fix the computer server, thus allowing you to update your writer's Income Statement and book mailing lists.

Get new checkbook for donation to A___.

Read through the box of poetry books for a poetry contest you agreed to judge because you respect the poems of the person who asked you to judge (what an idiot Moi am!).

Write three poetry book reviews.

Photograph yourself with a poetry book gifted to you so it can be jpegged as THANKS to the author.

Type up the poem you unexpectedly wrote during the trip.

Follow up on the printing of next Meritage Press release.

Follow up on the proofing of subsequent Meritage Press releases.

Explore a new idea for a poetry project to see if there's something in it (actually, I know there's something in it but, nowadays, I also have to decide whether it's worth the time -- time versus giving attention to son, dogs, cats, husband (not necessarily in this order, of course), house construction, house construction, house construction, preparing for Michael's middle school which begins next week....Though, actually, I'm not complaining about the effect on my poem-writing time: I think the pressure will facilitate the urgency of those poems that still manage to slip through moi cracked forehead).

Here's something I did accomplish from last week's Vacation To-Do List: embed deeper into Michael's mind the idea of college by taking him to my and the hubby's schools. Up top, there he was indifferent to Columbia (stand-in for my alma mater since Barnard doesn't take men).

But, oh my, did he love Yale University! Why, I asked? Because, he said, as he walked through its campus, "It's like in Harry Potter!"

Okay, whatever entrypoint it takes to get him in the college prep mode. Not necessarily where his parents went, of course -- but just to get him thinking in that direction. Check and Done. Huzzah.

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