Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well, I wrote a poetry series/chap (scroll down) called ROMAN HOLIDAY (also included in THE THORN ROSARY) and, as my poems often foretell the future (yes they do!), the family's off to manifest the poetry!

The Pantheon is probably the most impressive building I've ever entered. Perhaps because, as a temple, it was meant for "all gods"? Anyway, I'll be teaching history to Michael there in the next couple of weeks (one of the downsides of English-as-a-second-language is that it supplants a course and, for his 7th grade, this meant that Michael was not taught History), along of course with exposing him to real Italian food (I haven't visited every country in the world but, to date in my experience, no one can best the Italians at cuisine).

While not watching my waistline (Hello Venice, Florence, Rome, Padua, Sienna and even Pisa!), I'll be offline. I'll return calls and emails after my return to the U.S. on July 1.

Until then, I'll hang out with Raphael -- his bust here over his tomb in the Pantheon:

Here, of course, is the 18th century painting of the Pantheon's interior by Giovanni Paolo Panini:

To the Arts ... and parenting about those Arts!

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