Saturday, June 19, 2010


For Poetry, my Recommendations are HERE at No Tells Blog. I rarely do "Recommended Lists" because they're always incomplete, as this one is. But I figgered that, this time, better to recommend something(s) than just be silent ....

Meanwhile, we celebrated Father's Day during dinner tonight. Here's Michael's present--just purrrr-fect for the occasion as the hubby has used beekeeping as a means for father-son bonding:

Here's a detail that makes Moi laugh -- that would-be beekeeper looks kinda nervous!

Anyway, I always relish my son's artistic talent. Speaking of relishes, here's my last updated Relished W(h)ine List before I go offline on Monday until July 1 (which means I can't return emails until next month):

1 stalk of "miner's weed"
100 stalks of green onion
77 strawberries
2 artichokes
2 cherries
7 zucchini
4 stalks of scallions
3 summer squash

(MADE), poems by Cara Benson

EMINENT DOMAIN, poems (in manuscript) by Justin Petropoulos

LANTERN REVIEW: A JOURNAL OF ASIAN AMERICAN POETRY, Ed. Iris A. Law (is it me or there seems to be a resurgence of new Asian American literary journals...?)

THE PIED PIPER, novel by Ridley Pearson

RAPTURE IN DEATH, novel by J.D. Robb

VISIONS IN DEATH, novel by J.D. Robb

MEMORY IN DEATH, novel by J.D. Robb

1997 Sandrone La Vigna
2000 Bierzo "Corullon"

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