Sunday, May 02, 2010


You know, I keep trying to expository out some of the gems from Moi brilliance -- but all you Peeps want to do is talk about My Fart. Tsk. But check out the link for the latest school of poetry (an old one, really, but naming/theorizing is important, right Leny?): "Poot-ry"!

Speaking of brilliance, Joi Barrios and Santiago Bose. Joi wrote the afterword to THE THORN ROSARY, and said essay has just been reprinted in the new issue of OurOwnVoice. My Mom has frequently said in the past she doesn't understand many of my poems -- Joi Barrios explains it to her HERE (teachers of Filipino studies, Asian American literature, diasporic and multicultural studies, et al might also be interested). As for Santi, I wrote a poem inspired by one of his drawings for an exhibition in Manila -- drawing and poem are now featured HERE.

The lesson here is that if I want to shine, it's best if I let others do the Windex-ing. Fine -- I'll just go off and do some weeding now....and as we note in our family, if one's going to pass gas, best to do it outdoors...

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