Thursday, April 29, 2010


Per moi prior post, Dan Waber notes, "I love the subtle reference to the fact that a hand is the same size as a butt. :)"

Yah. 'Twas so subtle coz I hadn't actually intended it. But now we know where Dan's mind is.*

Now, speaking of Poem-in-Pocket, here's my son Michael this morning, fresh from shower and bleary-eyed, showing Mama that, yes, he didn't forget to bring Mama's Hay(na)ku for Haiti to school.

And just think! If you order an H for H booklet, you can have one, too! Don't you like the idea of a Poem caressing your butt?!

* POST SCRIPT: When Dan saw my statement about the state of his mind, he replied, "Ha! No, I didn't have a dirty mind, I thought you were making a veiled threat that if he didn't take YOUR poem in his pocket, he'd end up with a high velocity version of something the same size. A spankin'!"

So, Ooooops. I guess we know that it's Moi who has the dirty mind after all. But, come to think, you Peeeeeeps already know that, don't you!

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