Thursday, December 31, 2009


Before we embarked on adopting Michael, we hosted him through Kidsave (a program where U.S. families can host "older" children who are available for adoption -- I recommend this program!). Well, as soon as Michael walked off that plane, we had to run to take him to our dentist as his face was ballooned up with some sort of dental crisis. The dentist took a look into his mouth, and immediately called up an oral surgeon. Shortly thereafter, the surgeon was deep in Michael's mouth taking out a molar that had gotten all absessed and such...I couldn't hack it moiself; I sent the hubby in there to hold Michael's hand and comfort him across the language barrier as tears flowed...

I've always joked to the dentist about her ambassadorial skills, or lack thereof: "Great, welcome to the United States and here's a man to yank out your tooth!"

The best part? All of it UNINSURED! If the kid would have waited until adoption to have a dental blow-up, we'd have the first year of college all financed!

Anyway, catch-up dental care was an immediate challenge. Fortunately, dogs provide succor:

I didn't grow up in a culture that relied on braces...I just don't get these train tracks...

Happy New Year! Be careful out there and take care of your teeth!

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