Monday, December 28, 2009

$750 GETS YA...

If you're just dying for a chance to spend $750 on a poetry book, I'm here for you.

Which is to say, Marsh Hawk Press has just put up the Book Page for moi forthcoming THE THORN ROSARY.

That price would have gone up to $1,000 if it weren't for this Great Recession. After all, $750 got you THIS two years earlier. Aren't you lucky inflation is nonexistent for now.

Personally, I think that's a bargain since a drawing is involved. Though, not as much a bargain as Meritage Press' "Cold Water Flat" etching. That's always been one of the collecting secrets by art lovers who happen to traffic (so to speak) in the poetry market, too. That is, that works acquired viz poetry instead of the *art world* can be less costly (that's how I got the only Elizabeth Murray I have). Heck, the last purchaser of "Cold Water Flat" was a professional art dealer! That's right -- this blog is here to serve one of the denizens of the New Normal: the frugal art collector. As ever, Moi is here to serve...

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