Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My son started summer school yesterday in part to improve his English. The paragraph below is, verbatim, from his homework. I, uh, poeticized it by uplifting it to a poem. After laughing moi butt off, of course I had to poeticize it -- lookit what mi hijo said!
English Lesson

Michael: I have to write about someone I admire. Like mi Papa.

Michael's Mom (raising an eyebrow): Papa?

Michael (quickly): Okay, okay. Mi Mama!


Mi Mama is a person I admire because mi Mama es mayor. I first heard about ella when I was aprendo de mi Mama. At first, I wasn’t very impressed. But when I learned educasion de mi mama, I decided that this was a very special person. Ella is best known for primer libro de poemas, which happened 11 anos ago. At that time, she was joven con no mucha experiencia. Since that time, she has escribe 15 mas libros. Why has ella been so successful? I think it is because she trabaja mucho.

From the mouth of babes, yah? But what is it with that Babelfish? I asked it to translate "Mi mama es mayor" and it spouted off, "My breast is greater"!! I looked it up because I don't know that phrase "es mayor"; Michael had explained it as that it's something the kids say when they're impressed with someone, "like Obama". I was like, I see: Moi and Obama...the Great Breast and the Great Orator...

(To the hubby, I'm sure he would have written something absolutely outstanding about outstanding Toi if Moi hadn't cheerfully supplanted you...)

Anyway, Michael is also an excellent athlete, excelling in soccer at school and having done superbly so far with swimming and tennis lessons over the past week. To wit, another photo: