Friday, April 24, 2009


Take it from Moi the Leading Indicator! To wit, after a six-month dry spell of not selling any of my own books at Amazon, I sold one in January (Secret Punctuations) and two in March (that be the BRICK and the MENAGE A TROIS)! I'ma tellin' y'all: that light at the end of the tunnel will soon blind y'all....uh, so to speak.

Hey--it's poetry sales, okay. I'll take whatever I can get!

Actually, what most amuses Moi today as regards Amazon is how moi Nota Bene Eiswein apparently has a "German Edition". Okay: such is the power of the internet. So, I think someone should order that (now that the recession is ending, I can start pitching poetry again -- she notes, tongue barely in cheek) and let me know if someone was drinking eiswein when they keyed in the book info...

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