Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay, lookit. I would have bet that last issue's record number of 65 new reviews/engagements over at Galatea Resurrects would be an anomaly. I mean, that's a high number, yah?

But as I write this, just two days before the extended review deadline, I've got 60 reviews in hand. I've been promised three more reviews. But think about it you swamped reviewers: two more would tie GR #9's record, and three more would supplant it.

It's not so much that I would be heavily obnoxious blathering about the new record number of reviews if we pass 65 for the issue. It's that I would be even more egregiously obnoxious blathering about how ... GR would have just missed setting a new record -- it'd be ugly. C'mon, ye reviewing Peeps. How 'bout one more? I got over 20 reviews where review copies were sent out but no reviews have come in yet. I know we're all busy but if just couple more peeps send me sumthin'....ya know the rest!

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