Friday, July 04, 2008


Very honored and tickled to get the attention of Gary Glazner (I've never met him but have read and appreciated his book HOW TO MAKE A LIVING AS A POET ) because he sez he's "smitten" by Meritage Press' Tiny Books Project.

So, it seems a fitting reminder re the Tiny Books. Wouldn't you like to know what smites other people into smiles?


Speaking of Meritage Press, am honored and tickled again at all the backchanneled attention. Yes, these books are quality reads! One indication is when you publish a book and then you are approached by a university press who'd like to co-publish it. They offered financially crappy terms (exceedingly crappy terms!) but you know that Chatelaine -- she's likely to be generous even with financially tight university presses just cause it amuses Moi to see how ideas she spins from a mountaintop gets received by the world. More deets later!

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