Monday, June 23, 2008


So the apartment building in San Francisco was apparently burglarized last night. The hubby pulled into the building's garage to see all sorts of lights and cops and damage...apparently, the perp somehow entered through the front entryway and burglarized boxes from the foyer's mailbox section and then continued on to the garage where s/he broke into cars and committed thievery and damage.

As the hubby checked out the mess, one of the cops was asking, "Who's this Eileen Tabios in Apartment ___?"

The hubby replied, "She's my wife."

Cop sez, "Oh, cause the thief left this box behind. Thief tore it open but I guess didn't care to steal the contents...."

The hubby took the box and looked through the ripped opening. Yep: the maligned contents were a bunch of poetry books coming to me from the printer.

Ah, Ye Poetry Book. Such a pure paradox: Unwanted, Though Priceless.