Friday, March 14, 2008


People who think artists shouldn't reveal that much of their personal lives confuse the process for result. There is no single right process. Some attempts at art succeed, and some don't, but the former doesn't validate a particular path for should-rule-making, just as the latter doesn't mean one should never go down a certain path.

And so, with the BRILLIANT Geof Huth, we have here Art crafted from one of the most personal experiences a person can bear.

That top photo in his March 13, 2008 post "Wounded, the Illustrated Man"), while certainly hearkening da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man, for me generally evokes powerful Renaissance drawings -- Michelangelo, Raphael...that shivery resonance emanating from the drawings' life forces. I wish Geof continued best recovery, and BOW.

This is not just

                  I am, therefore I blog

but most emphatically

                  I blog, therefore I am.

The artist, not the egotist, makes it work.

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