Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm delighted to be part of the inaugural issue of CRITIPHORIA, whose "About" section explains its mission:
Critiphoria seeks to build a community to nourish individuals invested in the potential of language to structure experience, facilitate social interaction, advance critical understanding, and enhance the availability of institutional resources. We consider the evolving relationship between an ethics of experience and an aesthetics of representation and encourage cross-genre pollination, intermedia experimentation, and interdisciplinary dialogue. We serve as a repository for linguistic and poetic explorations, forum for contemporary cultural concerns, and pedagogical tool for promoting intellectual awareness and educational opportunity. Critiphoria publishes a bi-annual on-line journal, and is partially funded by the St. John's University Center for Teaching and Learning.

My contribution is a poem-review (oh make that poem-engagement!)of Paul Auster's Collected Poems....and am delighted to see it in the company of the stellar works by these other participants:
Karen Alkalay-Gut
Bruce Andrews & Sally Silvers
Stan Apps
Allen Bramhall & Tim Peterson
Derek Beaulieu
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Charles Borkhuis
Abigail Child
Ewa Chrusciel
Ewa Chrusciel & Kate Dusenbery
Peter Ciccariello
Wystan Curnow
Jackie Clark
Thomas Cook
Maria Damon
Alan Davies
Kenneth Deifik
Holly Delaney-Wade
Thom Donovan
Denise Duhamel
Thomas Fink
Norman Fischer
Cliff Fyman
Drew Gardner
Jenny Grassl
Jeff Harrison
Carla Harryman
Niels Hav
Jamey Hecht
Mitch Highfill
Jen Hofer & Dan Machlin
Bob Holman
Brenda Iijima
Adeena Karasick
Robert Kocik
Matthew Landis
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Kimberly Lyons
Mary Mackey
Jill Magi
Scott Malby
Filip Marinovich
Stephen Paul Miller
Stephen Paul Miller & David Shapiro
Daniel Morris
Glenn Mott
Marty Northrop
JoAnna Novak
Maurice Oliver
Nick Piombino
Evelyn Reilly
Joan Retallack
Christie Ann Reynolds
Eric Rzepka
Leslie Scalapino
Jennifer Scappettone
David Shapiro
Frank Sherlock
James Sherry
Sean Singer
Stephanie Strickland
Eileen Tabios
Paige Taggart
Anne Tardos
Sam Truitt
Chris Tysh
Nico Vassilakis
Tyrone Williams

Especially as it's a new issue, one should thank those responsible for CRITIPHORIA! To wit, Tim Peterson and the site's named angels:
Stephen Paul Miller
Cecilia Wu

Karen Alkaly-Gut
Maria Damon
Kenneth Deifik
Denise Duhamel
Peter Frank
Bob Holman
Carolee Schneemann
David Shapiro

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