Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hey, I mean, Hay Naku! Allen Bramhall, former wine salesman, is also willing to review wines!

ALSO, in his BRILLIANT discourse HERE, Allen explains why something like WinePoetics is so critical.

You didn't really think I was just drinking to derange moi senses, did you?

Well, probably, I was. But from hereon, Moi story is I was just attempting to manifest Heideggerian whatness.

My definition of "friend" is someone who makes me look more brilliant than I am. Thanks Allen, good buddy, for your presence.

Sip. Martinelli sparkling apple cider. (I know, I know...but this is a great drink to serve the non-alcoholics at your table....another tip for Toi from Moi who lives to serve).

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