Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Okay, let me try this experiment (she says while she polishes off some left-over 1992 Ravenswood Pickberry). To wit:

Some of you Peeps arrive at this blog by searching for wines or wine-related topics. To you Peeps, I note that, obviously, this is mostly a poetry blog. And among my poetry activities is editing a poetry review/engagement journal called GALATEA RESURRECTS, or GR.

But what is not much known is that I also formerly edited, during Moi New Yawker days, a newsletter called TABIOS WINE TASTING REVIEW. So I tell you what, if you want me to consider blogging a review of your wine, feel free to send it to me. Send it to the same address available HERE for sending review copies for GR.

But be forewarned. I am much harsher on wine than I am on poetry (once a threshold involves the inner linings to my mouth, throat and belly, said threshold's gotta be higher). So if your wine isn't luscious, save your stamps.

But if your wine is GOOOOD, Baby, I just might write a poem to it!


And for the rest of your poetry scalawags: I surely can use more reviewers of the lovely poetry publications coming into Galatea for GR's consideration! Please do check the frequently-updated list of Available Review Copies HERE!

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