Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Most of what seems vital about poetry to me happens at this samizdaty sort of level. The small indies and micropresses are bringing out the most exciting work. And as long as I keep running across poets I like who aren’t being published, I’ll be publishing poetry.
--Shanna Compton

I highly recommend this interview of Shanna Compton over at LEMON HOUND. I think Shanna's points are a convenient way to address the implications of poets allowing others to control their works' production, and the alternatives to such.

Seriously, that's why I recommend you read her interview, not because of this paragraph (grin):
Some (contemporary) women poets I've read recently or frequently revisit: Obviously I'd recommend the other women published by Bloof, Jennifer L. Knox and Danielle Pafunda, but also Nada Gordon, Anne Boyer, Sharon Mesmer, Eileen Tabios, Dorothea Lasky, Angela Rawlings, Susan Wheeler, Heidi Lynn Staples, Reb Livingston, Evie Shockley, Susan Briante, Mel Nichols, Juliana Spahr, Sandra Simonds, Jennifer Moxley, Barbara Jane Reyes, Cathy Park Hong, Ange Mlinko, Mairead Byrne, Joyelle McSweeney, Lara Glenum, Ana Bozicevic-Bowling, Stephanie Young, Jennifer Bartlett, Ada Limon, Catherine Meng, yourself...there are so many it's hard to make a list that won't embarrass me later through omission. Isn't that wonderful?

Always cheered by seeing my name in company like the above. It is wonderful! And, as Tom Beckett and Wood's Lot recently recommend, Jean Vengua should be on that list, too! Yes, Jean Vengua's poetry deserves a wider audience -- I, the publisher with great taste, make it easy for you with PRAU HERE.

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