Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just finished trimming a Xmas tree! Yay! Achilles next to me and Gabriela sprawled out in her Missy December pose in foregound.

If you want to know why Moi am bleary-eyed, it's because this is only one of five trees for Galatea. Yes, dears, being Chatelaine is a HUGE responsibility and conducive to bleary eyedness....even with the help of six elves, of which one is shown...

And before some of you eagle-eyed aesthetes criticize the relative paucity of ornaments at bottom of the tree, note that such was deliberately done to avoid enticing Moi two kitties, Artemis and Scarlet, from reaching up for those twinkling decorations to pull the tree down into a huge CRASH!

Speaking of aesthetics, I don't trust a tree that doesn't bend. That's why the top ornament leans (I am glad to see that Ver's tree also bends at top. Btw, Ver's family's idea of hanging stockings on the fireplace tool thingie is brilliant -- must emulate such...)

Five Xmas trees. Dang. What would the tally be if I weren't a real-life (vs blog persona-life) misanthrope?