Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's a relief to do something new -- not new Platonically but new for Moi. To wit, I'm starting the research into a project to translate, Spanish-to-English, the works of Venezuelan poet Hanni Ossot. Need to file here some of her linkies (which Toi might wanna check out):

Guillermo Parra sez "Hanni Ossott (Caracas, 1946-2002) was a professor at the Escuela de Letras [School of Letters] at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. A translator of Rilke and Dickinson into Spanish and a poet of astonishing brilliance." Guillermo has translated some of Ossot's poems HERE, including this one:

Some flowers for the table

for the earth

the opaque sky

the music

Some petals, pollen, waters

for melancholy

A desert, in back

silence, gravity

and nobody, nobody

June 1988

And that be why Moi am looking forward to erasing herself in this project!

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