Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, not only was that a standing room only crowd for this weekend's launch of Jean Vengua's PRAU but at several points people were literally peering through the windows at the fun party going on!

So many many highlights. So little time to talk about it (grin). Jean does post a report HERE.

But some fragmented recollections like --

Yay! I tore up more pages from my poetry book! "If the poetry is powerful, it'll survive the destruction of the book," I later concluded. And, later, my husband said amidst a long and long-suffering sigh, "Must you always get so dramatic?"

A fan brought me a candle in a gift bag. Tee-hee.

Michelle *nearly* sang "You are sixteen, going on seventeen..."

I hear a described computer-geek who was dragged to the reading was so inspired he bought books and now is thinking furiously about ways to be creative...

And Manong Al Robles! Whew. Unrolling a 35 or 37-year-old scroll with handwritten text and zen brushstrokes and reading from top of the scrolll to the bottom. "Nice to see that poem see daylight," he said later, as I nodded while trying to figure out how I could pick his pocket for the scroll as I just bet it's gonna be as valuable as Jack Kerouac's....

Tony Robles was hilarious, also going into his pocket to show he has a scroll -- a toilet paper roll for his cold. How refreshing (wink)! Then his Ode to Cholesterol...

Anyway, THE EVENT WAS SUCH A FUN SUCCESS (books selling like dinardaraan, yay!), that I am renewing the RELEASE SPECIAL on Jean's Book, so that you can have the rest of the year to take advantage. To wit, GO HERE for a special discounted price on Jean Vengua's PRAU!

The November 30 deadline mentioned in the link is now December 31, 2007.

Do yourself a favor and join PRAU'S gorgeous journey!

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