Tuesday, November 13, 2007


[Those in the know will know Moi couldn't resist the title's mischief....Anyhoot....]

While preparing to release the 8th issue of Galatea Resurrects (GR), I also created an INDEX where one can see which publishers have seen their works covered by GR. And I am amazed to discover that, through to the 7th issue (as I haven't tallied the not-yet-completed 8th issue), GR has provided review coverage to

               182 publishers!

Wow. I had no clue we'd covered so many! This is on top of 1 poetry blog, 1 poetry CD, and 4 Poetry videos. (These numbers are all for new reviews done through GR and doesn't include reprinted reviews.)

In terms of number of reviews garnered for their works, the top ten represented publishers are:
Meritage Press --21 reviews

Dusie --19 reviews

Marsh Hawk Press --15 reviews

Ugly Duckling Presse --13 reviews

Coffee House Press --8 reviews

Hanging Loose Press --7 reviews

Moria Poetry --6 reviews

Auguste Press -- 5 reviews

BlazeVOX Books --5 reviews

Presa :S: Press --5 reviews

My Meritage Press (MP)has the top review count, but I wouldn't make too much of that. It undoubtedly reflects how GR is still just two years old and in order to come up with review copies initially, I made my whole MP inventory available. Over time, as more publishers have come to participate and hopefully continue to participate by sending in review copies, others will increase their review representation.

Given the number of publishers featured, and the dominance of one review per publisher, any publisher who receives more than one review is doing pretty well. Several of the publishers who're currently at *4* publications reviewed will be going up to at least *5* with the soon-to-be-released Issue No. 8. Publishers at *4* are effing press, H_NGM_N Chapbook Series, No Tell Books, Otoliths, Ravenna Press, Red Morning Press, and Salt Publishing (to determine who'll make it to 5-review presentation, wait for the release of the 8th issue!)

This is all pretty amazing to me -- and yet one more reason why I'm really grateful to all you volunteer reviewers out there! THANK YOU!

P.S. Note that your Chatelaine is Blind. So I suspect the INDEX has a few errors -- specifically, I'm not sure about my BlazeVox numbers (I initially counted 6 reviews but then could only find 5); I can't find the Carcanet review; and I'm not sure about the Barnwood Press figure either (I initially counted 2 reviews but can only find one now to list). If you find any errors in the GR INDEX, do feel free to email Moi to let me know at GalateaTen@aol.com

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