Sunday, November 04, 2007


Well, a tough morning around here. Spent the morning being grilled by the hubby and the Mommy over pancakes. A grilling revolving around the question:

"So, Eileen -- do you truly feel constrained by the apostrophe?"

Then much variations of the Bwahahahahahaha....

All this because the three of us spent part of last evening reading Thomas Fink's article "The Poetry of Questions" in JACKET #34 -- Geeeeeez: it printed out as 51 pages! -- which includes a meditation on one of my Enheduanna poems in my Menage A Trois. An interesting perspective -- for clarification on the Apostrophe Hazing and more, click on first paragraph below, which also conveniently summarizes the essay's topic:

Five contemporary American poets, three men and two women, have boldly utilized an unusual device: they have written poems entirely (or in two cases, almost entirely) composed of fragments and/or sentences readable as questions. The pioneering “question poet,” Ron Silliman, wrote his interrogative text in 1975-1976 and published it several years later, whereas the four other poets — Tom Beckett, Steve Benson, Brenda Iijima and Eileen Tabios — published theirs between 1997 and 2004. We will explore whether the opportunities and constraints of this format encourage particular kinds of thematic material and speculative activity and whether, in other respects, the poets have been able to develop significantly different effects with this odd resource.

Questions--an "odd resource" indeed.

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