Thursday, November 01, 2007


Some poems in recently-released online sites. First, delighted as always to be part of Otoliths. My poem "Grids", written while reading Michelle Naka Pierce's new and lovely book GREEN INTEGER, is HERE. And here's Otoliths' announcement from editor Mark Young (thanks Mark!):
Issue seven of Otoliths has just gone live. It's as eclectic as ever, but that means there's something there for everybody. Lined up in this issue are Sheila E. Murphy, Nico Vassilakis, Anny Ballardini, Vernon Frazer, Matina L. Stamatakis, Geof Huth, Matt Hetherington, derek beaulieu, Andrew Taylor, Nigel Long, Marko Niemi, Michael Steven, Anne Heide, Mark Prejsnar, Márton Koppány, Jim Leftwich, Catherine Daly, Bill Drennan, Julian Jason Haladyn, Alexander Jorgensen, Jeff Harrison, Paul Siegell, Robert Gauldie, Martin Edmond, Raymond Farr, John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett & Friends, Andrew Topel & John M. Bennett, Andrew Topel, Mark Cunningham, Jeff Crouch, Randall Brock, Eileen R. Tabios, Jordan Stempleman, Daniel f. Bradley, Lars Palm, harry k stammer, Karri Kokko, Katrinka Moore, Tom Hibbard, dan raphael & David-Baptiste Chirot. It's what Hieronymous Bosch dreamt about, a Garden of Earthly Delights.

Secondly, four poems from my "Commodities: An Autobiography" project -- "Overseas Filipino Worker", "Ground Meat", "Blue Trunk" and "Milk" -- at the Asia and Pacific Writers Network's Autobiography Edition Guest Edited by Ivy Alvarez (thanks Ivy!). These poems are also part of The Light...which is to say, as shown by "Overseas Filipino Worker", the autobiography is fictional (heh). I don't have a "cousin Lory", nor do I also have a sister as posited elsewhere in The Light...

Well, as I once wrote elsewhere about Moi poems, "I may write fiction but I never lie..."

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