Thursday, November 08, 2007


Stray lit biz type of stuff.

First, wrapping up the proofing of the forthcoming The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Vol. 2. Amongst other things, the book shows the hay(na)ku to be multi-lingual! Among the languages represented in this volume are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Vizpo, Drawing, and Photograph.

Secondly, as I wrap up the next issue of Galatea Resurrects, I note that I had hoped to review eight publications for this issue, but only ended up reviewing five. That's about the same percentage of total Received Reviews versus the number of reviews that peeps had contacted me earlier to do. Fortunately, most of these folks say they're not totally bagging a review, but just asking to do it for the March 2008 issue (which is fine). And we still have a BEEG ISSUE coming up!

Having said that, I gotta say -- I'm laughing at one "excuse" one critic gave for the delay in her review. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time (or even now?) but she said some driver lost control of her car on the hill above their house, managed to miss the two ditches near their house, caught air when she hit the edge of the property, and landed on their porch. A flying car! Which then necessitated dealing with clean-up, insurance, contractors, et al. A car flew onto her porch. Sounds like a good excuse to Moi!

And the Chatelaine raises a bottle of Sierra Nevada pale ale to toast the screen, doorway into -- if you avoid the B.S. artists -- a quite amusing e-world!