Thursday, November 22, 2007


Fresh outa the shower this morning, I was nekkid and drying moiself with a towel when I hear the hubby's voice. He is saying, while he is doing his business seated on the toilet and I am admiring moi gawgeous (just humor me) bod, "You know what's brilliant about that hay(na)ku?"

Now, I'm fresh outa the shower, which is to say, I hadn't yet had my first cuppa, so I wasn't sure I heard that right. So I brilliantly riposte, "Huh?"

"The hay(na)ku," he repeats. Guess I heard right. "It's brilliant because that 1, 2, 3 doesn't just force people to make sure each word counts. It's brilliant because it actually leans to grammar."

Now, being a poet, I don't know grammar. So I riposte again, albeit less brilliantly this time, "Huh?"

"Being 1, 2, 3," the hubby continues, "it leans towards subject, verb, object."

Really? That kinda reminds me of Jean recently writing, "mind desires a complete sentence" in her brilliant Corporeal Blog.

But of course the hubby said what he said without having seen some of the post avant variations of the hay(na)ku. Not that I could nota bene that to him since uttering a phrase like "post avant" would make him raise that eyebrow to indicate PRETENTIOUSNESS ALERT! (Everyone is suuuuuch a critic.)

In any event, before I could say anything else, the conversation ended as the toilet flushed. I know how this man's mind works. When it comes to poetry, any discussion that occured while he's on his throne ends as soon as he finishes his business and hikes up his pants. If I'd asked him to continue, you see, he'd just point down where the water is swirling away the just-finished business, including conversation.

Okay. That may have been more info than what youse wanted to hear. But, first, that the hubby ever bothers to mench anything poetry-related is a big deal around here. Second, it's as good a segue as any to Moi pointing you towards Jean for providing a different kind of relief. (I discovered RELIEF whilst checking her blogs since I'd thought to follow up on our butt crack vs cleavage discussion. Anyhoot...)


Really. So GO HERE to determine why, among moi gawgeous bod's advantages, I am MAN-SIZED!

But I'll post the beginning of Jean's post because it quotes a poet new to me, and very interesting: Majena Mafe--who says:
I’m making a few notes here about the role of comedy in women’s experimental (xxperimental) writing. I’ve been thinking how it acts as a transgressive model and a point of departure for language frames/meanings etc. Always interested in the limits of language. The tie between speech and conduct is bordered by comedy and moral indignation….comedy does not have the same ethical standards as everyday life…and thats an opening in the frame to me.

Then Jean explains how I am man-sized, as I said before, but also slippery.

Man-sized and Slippery! That's the blurb I want!

Trickster Poetics, anyone?

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