Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am tagged by Leny. I am supposed to write down the 6th sentence on page 161 of the book I am reading...okay, that would be, from a paperback entitled DECK THE HALLS by Arlene James:
"I want to go!" Bets pleaded as Larry moved swiftly past her.

It's a Christian romance. Why am I reading it? Because I'm putting together sacks of books to donate to the local library (for books they don't retain, they sell them to fundraise)...and am going through Mom's haphazard stacks.

Thing is, I feel guilty releasing books from Galatea's library. So I refuse to donate a book unless I've read it, just to make sure that I don't want to retain it on the mountain. You should see what I'm slogging through...

...that's the blasted result of meaning it when I blather: I'ma about a POETICS OF EVERYTHING.

I'll read anything coz books don't make people stupid, right?