Monday, October 15, 2007


I have the honor of being Will Alexander's replacement in an upcoming Poetry Reading at City Lights. This will be a unique poetry event as, while we'll be reading from our works, the reading will bear the flavor of Philip Lamantia's 80th birthday. So there'll also be a presentation of Philip's "sound poems" as read by Garrett. And I'll read for the first time some memoir-poems from my first summer in the Bay Area, right after moving here from New York City, which I had spent hangin' out with Philip --

Okay: here are deets:

Garrett Caples, Andrew Joron, and Eileen Tabios
Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 7 pm
City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco

The reading, held on what would have been Philip Lamantia's 80th birthday, also will include a presentation of Garrett Caples reading Philip Lamantia's sound poems.

Oakland poet Garrett Caples is the author of four books including The Garrett Caples Reader (Angle Press/Black Square Editions, 1999) and Complications (Meritage Press). Of his work, the poet Jeff Clark said: “Caples is a polymath. He is, in no particular order, an essayist; with his partner Anna Naruta he’s the maker of films, documentaries, music videos; he's a connoisseur of hip-hop; he's a love poet, photographer, and collage-maker. His erotica has been anthologized. He's been and likely will remain, as long as he’s here—or there—a student of radical Oakland politics and culture.”  He’s the editor of the forthcoming volume in the City Lights Pocket Poets Series, Tau by Philip Lamantia & Journey to the End by John Hoffman. He also writes on hip hop for the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Andrew Joron was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1955 and grew up in Stuttgart, Germany; Lowell, Massachusetts; and Missoula, Montana. He attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he majored in history and philosophy of science. After a decade and a half spent writing science-fiction poetry, culminating in his volume Science Fiction (Pantagraph Press, 1992), he turned to a more philosophical mode of speculative lyric. This work has been collected in The Removes (Hard Press, 1999) and in Fathom (Black Square, 2003). A book of selected prose, The Cry at Zero, has just been published by Counterpath.  He is also the translator, from the German, of the Marxist-Utopian philosopher Ernst Bloch’s Literary Essays (Stanford University Press, 1998), and the surrealist Richard Anders’s aphorisms and prose poems. Andrew lives in Berkeley, where he works as a freelance bibliographer and indexer. A new book of poems, The Sound Mirror, is forthcoming from Flood Editions.

Eileen R. Tabios recently released her 14th print poetry collection, The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2007). Recipient of the Philippines' National Book Award for Poetry, she has crafted a poetic body of work that is unique for melding ekphrasis with transcolonialism. She is the Poet Laureate for Dutch Henry Winery in St. Helena, CA where she is arduously and long-sufferingly researching the poetry of wine. Her poems have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Tagalog, Japanese, Portuguese, Paintings, Video, Drawings, Visual Poetry, Mixed Media Collages, Kali Martial Arts, Modern Dance and Sculpture.  She recently finished her first novel, CHATELAINE (grin).

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