Friday, October 12, 2007


In a conversation re design over one of the books Meritage Press anticipates publishing in the near future, the question was raised over whether I'd allow an unusual size (i.e., different from 6 X 9). One of said unusual size's detriments is apparently that it could get "lost on the store bookshelf."

The matter was a no-brainer, or as I riposted grumpily, "I'd just as soon go by aesthetic reasons as regards the size. Given the odds of poetry books hitting bookstore shelves, I have no interest in having them have a significant influence on the design."

But then, soon afterwards, my grumpy mood was lifted by learning a major distributor requested a box of my books, thus certainly upping the likelihood that The Light...will appear in a bookstore near you. And hoo-haa if The Light... ain't 6 X 9, which means it won't get lost on the store bookshelf!

And that, dear Peeps, is about as good as it got this week. Happy Friday.

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