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Dear 9.5 Billion Peeps (at last count, that is):
We’ve had a fabulously great time, have we not, on this blog! Thanks for staying with me! And now, I hope you continue to fly with me onto my next blog!

Yes, this is the last post here. I will continue posting – with a more focused bibliophilic focus – over at my new blog:


As they say, please update your links to Do note that on the new blog, unlike here, comments are allowed, that is, welcomed and encouraged!

And it seems fitting that I leave with my last update here of my Recently Relished W(h)ine List below. I will continue this feature in the next blog. For now, please note below that, in the Publications section, if you see an asterisk before the title, that means a review copy is available for Galatea Resurrects! More info on that HERE.

TOWARD THE YEAR 2014, Season’s Greetings Annual Poem-Card/Broadside by Sheila E. Murphy (as ever, absolutely FABULOUS. I think this particular poem may be my favorite yet from Sheila’s annuals!)

CARPE DIEM by Robert Frost, as a Holiday Broadside from The Poetry Collection of University of Buffalo/SUNY (a gift from Edric Mesmer – what’s not to like? Indeed, I love! Thanks Edric!)

REVELATOR, poem by Ron Silliman (masterful and mature. Makes the difficult seem easy with its not-at-all-uneasy-with-itself energy that seemed to have begun before the poem’s first word so that with that first word you already feel you’re in some majestic current. That is, wonderful propulsion – making it all the more lovely when the energy unexpectedly slows when a reader can’t help but pause to be affected by something read, in this case a reference to a son’s breathing – ultimately, lovely. Tho must return as sometimes the energy moves you forward so quickly that you just look by something you want to consider longer as if you’re on a train reading words on a wall rather than looking at a page. First word: “Words.” First two words: “Words torn…” Breathtaking. Will look forward to making it LinkedInPoetry Recommendation No. 100)

“SHE’S WELCOME TO HER DISEASE” DEMENTIA BLOG [VOLUME TWO], poems by Susan M. Schultz (innovative, moving, fabulous. LPR #94)

* DAS GEDICHTETE, poems by Patrick James Dunagan (much pleasure in these knotted meditations)

WE BURY THE LANDSCAPE: AN EXHIBITION-COLLECTION, poems by Kristine Ong Muslim (marvelous. LPR #95)

* IMAGO FOR THE FALLEN WORLD, poems by Matthew Cooperman and art by Marius Lehene (wonderful; unexpectedly elegiac. To be LPR #97)

* LITTLE “g” GOD GROWS TIRED OF ME, poems by Aby Kaupang (lovely. LPR #98)

* OF: VOL. I, poems by Ossian Foley (unexpected loveliness. To be LPR #96)

* THE ERRANT ASTROLOGERS by Felipe Benitez Reyes, trans. from the Spanish by Emily Toder (witty. Shakespeare-evoking. To be LPR # 99)

* HAITI GLASS , poems by Lenelle Moise (powerful and moving)

POEMS’ PROGRESS, poems and prose about their writings by Wendy Barker (it’s a type of book I’ve always wanted to write: poems and what led to their making. Here, the poems are okay but the prose is divine. LPR #93)

* TRIPLE CROWN: THREE CROWNS OF SONNETS by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright (masterful by a well-seasoned poet)

* A HUNDRED THOUSAND HOURS by Gro Dahle, Trans. by Rebecca Wadlinger

* BEYOND THE CHAINLINK, poems by Rusty Morrison

* TEXT (ISLES), poems by Nancy Kassell

* BEAUTY MARK by Suzanne Cleary

* PRACTICE ON MOUNTAINS, poems by David Bartone

* FOOL’S GOLD, poems by Norman Schaefer

* A BELL MADE OF STONES, poems by Lehua M. Taitano

* WHAT I’VE STOLEN, WHAT I’VE EARNED, poems by Sherman Alexie

* MANTIC, poems by Maureen Alsop


* HOUSE ORGAN, No. 85 Fall 2014, literary zine edited by Kenneth Warren

THE LAVENDER GARDEN, novel by Lucinda Riley

ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM, novel by Debbie Macomber

THE CHRISTMAS BASKET, novel by Debbie Macomber

2002 Jadot Corton Charlemagne
2010 Dancing Hares
1991 Grahams port
2007 Elaine St Clair Syrah NV
2010 Entre Suelis "Castilla Y Leon"

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