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Timo Tuhkanen is a Finnish composer, artist, translator and poet. Timo recently contacted me because he apparently was working on new compositions related to some Enheduanna and Gabriela Silang poems in my book, MENAGE A TROIS WITH THE21ST CENTURY.  Well, what an honor!

About his composition, Timo explains:

“Much of my composing is related to a mixed media and conceptual art approach, I make films and write as well as compose and all of these elements are for me a singular output; in them materialise specific types of ideas, some of which create combinatory and layered meanings.
I have been reading these poems intensively when working on the pieces, in the case of Enhedhuanna I even found the name of my composition from your text. I feel that though it is not necessary to read them to understand the music, they are integrally linked to what I have written and I would like this information to be available for anyone interested in reading or playing my music.
The compositions are ‘a body unable to hold’ for 6 stringed instrument and voice, the name taken from Enhedhuanna. This piece has been performed on microtonal electric guitar.”

[Eileen Note to Tom Beckett: can you play Moi on your guitar? Heh.]

Timo also recently finished the final score and you can see it at Below is the text written on the first page:

“The composition CUT is the second composition in a series of compositions dealing with the works, poems and prose, of Eileen R Tabios. Explicitly CUT looks at “Gabriela couple(t)s with the 21st century”, a poem about Gabriela Silang, a female rebel leader during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines in the 18th century. 
It is in the poetics of the missing, the illogical, that form becomes incomplete, and it is this that the allegory, my composition, aim at, and towards which all the musical material gears up towards. It is an expression of The cut, an allegory through the absence of material: through a corporeal Musica Povera.
This piece was composed between the 18th – 22nd.11.2013

Thank you, Timo.  It’ll take me more time to feel my way through your engagement with my poems but I wanted to post now to show my gratitude and to introduce you to some of my readers!  I adore what you say about your aesthetic:

For me ideas choose their materials.
I like scents and types of pressures.

That’s just lovely!

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