Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'm on my way to releasing my hundredth book so I'm no slacker when it comes to my work. But it's not art-making but parenting that I've found to be the most complicated--the hardest --task. And the most affirming -- here are some recent pictures of my blossoming child (this blog, too, is just my refrigerator door for his pics -- my real life refrigerator, by the way, is so fancy you can't stick images on it (what was I thinking?!) I love my book covers, but wouldn't trade a single one for any of these photos taken, respectively, while debuting a new suit for the Homecoming Dance, hanging with his soccer teammates (dig those soccer shoes!), and harvesting pumpkins (small this year but still cheerful!) with the dawgs:


Poetry ... as a way of Life!

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