Saturday, May 05, 2012


--edited an existing draft into a more final form

Okay!  A new long poem.  It was unexpected, but I'm Grateful...

Unexpected because it was out of the scope of two manuscripts-in-progress.  But its existence just generated a new manuscript if I'm to combine it with some other older poems.  New manuscript-in-progress title:

How cheered I am by this sudden bounty of unpublished manuscripts.  Three! haven't had three unpublished manuscripts in years! My last published book was commissioned into its being, as I might not have put it together if I didn't have an offer for book publication when an opening surfaced in Marsh Hawk Press' lineup...

... even as I think of Joyce Carol Oates' riveting memoir, A WIDOW'S STORY, where the prolific author notes something about -- ... it's only when we stop doing when we then can we see our true selves. 

But perhaps it's in the doing that we're making our selves.  Anyway, I hope not to see myself for a while. 


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