Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Always grateful when I write a poem or two that excites a reader. Especially one with such finickiness (and he is finicky in a great way) as Allen Bramhall. Thanks for this (click HERE for whole thang) which is as interesting for Allen's own poetix views:

To boil it down ruthlessly, Eileen brings an interest in orphans and adoption, and j/j an interest in transgender issues. When I say interest, I mean a compelling force. Between them, they create an algebraic equation that embraces human inconsistency. I detect in my scan neither screed nor mere chiding, which maybe you were fearing as was I, given such topics.

My conviction stands that poetry doesn't last long in the frame of About. So those issues of orphans and transgender, serious and compelling, are only places where the poetry can happen. Poetry is the exertion of possible words within the magnitude of our confusion. In the rational world, neither orphans or transgender makes sense, but where is this rational world anyway? We're a confused animal.

and I do look forward to more! So won't you check out WHAT got the Dude all excited? HERE and HERE!

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