Friday, April 20, 2012


Mahalo Nui Loa to Susan Schultz for a wonderful engagement with the relational elations of ORPHANED ALGEBRA as well as with jai arun ravine's and then entwineSusan's review is at the fabulous Jacket2; here's an excerpt:

Tabios and hastain are most engaged in what happens when relation between persons occurs, or between genders within persons, namely in the TRANS of their "relational elations." They are fascinated by displacements, yes, but also in "active placements," whether those are adoptive relationships within families or within individuals whose gender-identities are not normative. These placements require new words, new pronouns, new definitions of family. They require new stories.
... It's that "listening differently" that is the real TRANS in Tabios's and hastain's book; it's a trans that risks appropriation. hastain is not, nor ever has been a "real" orphan, although xe has experienced gender (and generic) displacements. When a body rises into metaphor, it can easily be "assumed" to be something it is not. But better to take that risk than to leave these trans-travelers solely to their solitudes. It is the place "of someone finally watching" (66). This watching is not espionage but witness, not "at" but "with," insofar as "withness" is possible.
Perhaps this will tempt you to check out the book and be WITH us!  Available at SPD as well as, among others...

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