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Well, okay! So the review copy list for Galatea Resurrects has been frequently updated this past week, reflecting some additional fabulous titles just aching for your attention and review! Now, I've publicly announced a goal to publish 100 reviews in the next issue. I am currently at 19 reviews. World, do you really want to see the Chatelaine fall down in ignominious embarrassment?

It's a good thing that, in poetry, I'm not embarrassed to become ... embarrassed.

But, actually, there are way more than enough review copies circulating out there amidst ye beloved GR reviewers so that if you all actually sent me those reviews we'd have an issue of 200-plus reviews! What's stopping ye? Deadline is Nov. 15 but I'll take reviews sooner!

You will relish reading many of the available poetry titles ... [insert drum roll for segue] ... and speaking of relishes, here's moi latest update to my Recently Relished W(h)ine List below. Note that if you see an asterisk before the title, that means a review copy is available for Galatea Resurrects ). And I'm looking looking looking for reviewers to get books offa moi floors and to hit 100 new reviews for the next issue! Yeah! More info on that HERE.

112 cherry tomatoes
76 regular tomatoes
28 red onions
2 strawberries
18 zucchini
67 summer squash
51 squash flowers
44 green beans
1 lemon squash
1 pumpkin
27 sprigs of basil
5 clumps of sage
1 green cucumber
4 lemon cucumbers
2 sprigs of mint
50 Concord grapes

* THE SPIRITUAL LIFE OF REPLICANTS, poems by Murat Nemet-Nejat (so wise)

WAIFS AND STRAYS, poems by Micah Ballard (fabulous!)

* THERE'S ONLY ONE GOD AND YOU'RE NOT IT, poems by Stephen Paul Miller (is that a great title or what!)

ES VERDAD, poems with photos by jim mccrary (GAW-GEOUS GAW-GEOUS!)

* SHE, A BLUEPRINT, "text" by Michelle Naka Pierce and images by Sue Hammond West (interesting concept--and fresh take on ye olde body as basis for POV --summarized by a quote from Bhanu Kapil: "In the process of carving out a territory,...we also carve out something like a body for ourselves. So this dual operation of territory and body is produced simultaneously.")

* THE FEELING IS ACTUAL, poems, plays and visuals/collages by Paolo Javier

* YELLOW / YELLOW, poems by Margaret Rhee

* LIGATURE STRAIN, poems by Kim Koga

RED WALLS, poems by James Tolan (gorgeously hard-fought and honed into gold)

BLUE&YELLOWDOG, FALL 2011 ISSUE 6, literary journal edited by Raymond Farr (adored those poems by Mark DuCharme!)

UNDER ALBANY, memoir by Ron Silliman (as pleasurable at 2nd read as it was in the 1st read!)

PATHS TO HOMELESSNESS: EXTREME POVERTY AND THE URBAN HOUSING CRISIS, study by Doug A. Timmer, D. Stanley Eitzenand Kathryn D. Talley

NEW COUNTRY COLLECTING by Carol Sama Sheehan with photographs by Joshua Greene

THE NOMINATION, novel by William G. Tapply

WINTER MOON, novel by Dean Koontz

THE INFORMANT, novel by Thomas Perry

STRIP, novel by Thomas Perry

DEAD AIM, novel by Thomas Perry

SILENCE, novel by Thomas Perry

NIGHTLIFE, novel by Thomas Perry

HEART OF ICE, novel by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

HARVARD'S EDUCATION, novel by Suzanne Brockman

HAWKEN'S HEART, novel by Suzanne Brockman

2002 Hutton Vale Grenache Mataro Eden Valley
2005 The James Brazill "Good Catholic Girl" shiraz
2007 Serra "Paitin" Barbaresco
1994 Pesquera Reserva Especial Ribera Del Duero

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