Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ever seen a cat with a cast? Does she look unhappy, surly, bored, irritated, or All of the Above?

But have you ever seen a cat's cast with a pasted-on-HEART because, as the surgeons note, "she's such a sweet kitty!"? Apparently, she took the operating table experience in zen stride...

But there's more! Now, my baby Gabriela has spinal arthritis (NOPE. UPDATE: it's a slipped disc, not spinal arthritis). Geeeeez! It can come up, apparently, with big, active dogs and Gabriela certainly enjoys her ball! Tomorrow, she has an appointment with a neuro-surgeon. Sigh...

Well, lookit. Here's the hijo with an animal not costing me a dime! Huz-zah! This was Michael in December is at a nearby stable feeding candy canes to rescued horses:

And another one!

May the animals recover and spend the rest of their lives enjoying Seasons of Cheer!

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