Monday, March 25, 2013


Oh joy!  I received 38 -- yes, THIRTY-EIGHT!!!!! -- mini-books today in the mail for SitWithMoi's "Books on Chairs" project!  Here's a photo (I added a 39th by Ed Baker as his book comes from the same series):

These gems are from the wonderful poetry project, Poems-For-All curated by Richard Hansen.  Thanks, Richard, for the gift!

The group includes some unexpected gems.  Like, I was going to make a mini-book (using a Sixteen Rivers catalogue) over "16th & VALENCIA" by San Francisco poet lariat Alejandro Murgula.  But PFA beat me to it, which is okay and just illustrates how great minds (can) think alike!  I also noticed some "Rimbaud poems" by Sean Finney which I would end up publishing in Sean's first poetry book, THE OBEDIENT DOOR!  What a small world, a mini-world!

Anyway, please remember that you, too, are invited to SitWithMoi's "Books on Chairs" project!

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