Saturday, March 23, 2013


I used to have 9 billion peeps.  I now officially have 10 billion peeps as my readership apparently rose from my less-than-scholarly notations on THE GRAND PIANO.  Whatever.  That's the internet.  But one thing I'd like to note -- one Peep interpreted my post on Ron Silliman's contributions as less than complimentary.  I want to note for the record that I thought Ron's contributions are absolutely ... grand. 

That is, I was posting on what I perceived to be his equanimic writing style and my emotional bounce off of such, not quality of writing, when I graphed his contribution out as

So I suppose I should clarify that graph -- a more accurate graph would be the same linear profile but with a baseline, as follows:

See how high my reading profile is above that baseline?  That's high quality writing, in other words. So to the Peep who said he felt "more highs than lows" in Ron's contributions, I agree.  Indeed, as I write this post, I can't recall a single "low" (or "lull") in Ron's writings therein...

I know, meanwhile: The GraphMakers of the World Are Uniting Against Moi!  C'est la vie...

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